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Address:zi jiao town, huimin district, binzhou city, shandong province



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Company profile

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Shandong yingrui packaging materials co., ltd. is a professional production of coated paper (paper as the base material, with double layer, multi-layer plastic paper coated composite), desiccant packaging paper, three-layer non-woven composite paper, copper plate coated paper and other packaging materials of the comprehensive production enterprises. The company was founded in 1998, formerly known as binzhou inspection instrument factory. Now it covers an area of 7,000 square meters; The registered capital is 1.5 million yuan; More than 40 employees.


The packaging material workshop of the company has a set of 1700mm film spraying compound unit; 2 cutting machines of corresponding specifications; 2 high-end four-color flexographic printing machines; Its production capacity is 500 tons/month. Can produce a variety of specifications (10-1700 - mm), a variety of gram (30-400 - g / ㎡) inferior smooth film or light film/paper-plastic packaging materials. Lightly coated (copper) coated paper, desiccant packaging paper, single (double) compound melon seed bag coated paper, kraft coated paper, three layers of non-woven paper, box board coated paper, mesh paper, etc. It is mainly used in food factory, color printing factory, chemical industry, desiccant packaging factory, stainless steel plate packaging, medicine and other industries. Among them, international advanced environment-friendly flexo printing technology and equipment are used for printing. The ink is made of non-toxic and odorless water-based ink.
The market is changing, the purpose of the supremacy of users remains unchanged! Product is changing, the requirement of quality standard is changeless! The environment is changing, and the commitment of yingrui packaging service remains unchanged! The new century, new mileage, new opportunities, yingrui packaging will forge ahead, continue to open! With you common development, common growth.
Integrity is the cornerstone of enterprise development and growth, science and technology is the power of enterprise development, the company follows the "pursuit of excellence, sincere service" enterprise philosophy, to provide you with better service! Binzhou along the Yellow River bohai sea, bohai bay is winding five thousand miles of geographical elbow heart, beautiful scenery, a wide variety of local products, but also the hometown of the sage of war grandson, welcome all new and old friends to visit.






Address:zi jiao town, huimin district, binzhou city, shandong province